About me

I started running in 2003, I was 27 years old and not very active at all and I was starting to put on weight very gradually, perhaps half a stone a year.  I joined a gym in Doncaster for £40 per month and did all the machines.  One day I arrived and I forget my training kit so I decided to run outside with what ever I had on and I thought wow, this is so much better than using gym equipment so I quit the gym.

I was basically running and walking on the Town Fields, one day I did a full lap.  Then 2 laps.  Then 3 laps.  Then I left the comfort of the Town Fields and went out to start running around Doncaster.  I was hooked and would run 2 or 3 times a week.

the first run I ever recorded probably a few months after I started running was 3.66 miles in 29:48 at Cusworth Park with Dave Smith.

My first race was the Askern 10k which I did in 43:48 on the 19 May 2004.  Immediately after this race I suffered with shin pain for 2 years and I did very little running.  This was very frustrating.

I joined Doncaster Athletic Club in 2006, of which I remain a proud committed competing member and I consider myself to be a reasonable club runner who is determined to improve.  In 2013 I became the men’s club captain having never really had any ambition to do so.Capture

In 2015 I spent a considerable amount of time training to be a Coach in Running Fitness.  I was successful in obtaining this qualification and am planning to start coaching Doncaster AC athletes soon.

Through the Doncaster Pacers, we have boosted membership of Doncaster AC to record levels for senior members thanks to a dedicated group of Run Leaders.

I live in the center of Doncaster near the racecourse with my wife Rose and my two young girls Sophie and Caroline.

In 2012 Rose started running and in 2013 Sophie did as well.  My youngest daughter Caroline joined Doncaster Athletic Club in 2014.  We all compete together in the South Yorkshire Cross Country League!

CaptureFinishing the Chester marathon

My PB’s are (still getting faster), all my racing is based on pace, I do some of my long runs to heart rate but I would never race to heart rate:

5 km Road – Barrow on Humber – 2015 – 17:51, Track 17:13 – 2016, Parkrun 17:33 – 2017

5 mile – Oxspring – 2015 – 29:46

10 km – Dewsbury – 2019 – 35:22 (and everyone thought I was past it lol)

10 Miles – Ferriby – 2017 – 59:18

Half Marathon – York – 2017 – 1:16:30

Marathon – London – 2017 – 2:44:35

I race everything from 1 mile to ultra (200 miles in 2017)

Away from running I work as a Civil Engineer inspecting bridges and other highway structures.  I am interested in technology and I enjoy watching films and sci-fi TV.  I am also into music (old skool hardcore from the 90’s, trance, drum and bass and classical).

Ticking over training:

Monday – Steady 6 miles 7:30 to 8:00

Tuesday – Short intervals (usually less than 1000m)

Wednesday – Steady + technique and short bursts

Thursday – Tempo – 6 or 7 miles 7:15 to 6:30

Friday – Steady – 6 miles 7:30 to 8:00

Saturday – Depends on racing plans, could be parkrun hard or easy + some more easy

Sunday – Racing or long steady run