DAC Winter Time Trial 2019 / 2020

17 MARCH 2019

All welcome, it is not an official event just a training run so it is run at peoples own risk. We do have younger people taking part who may do 1, 2 or 3 laps. It is up to parents to decide if children should take part. We try to marshal the route on the corners but there are straight sections which are not marshaled.

Couple of changes this year. The start and finish has been moved to the Doncaster Town Fields Sports Club – https://goo.gl/maps/uBwJyor2a9ZSWCrv6 Thanks to Martyn Walter for sorting this for us. We have car parking, toilets and a bar for after.

Dates planned are :

15 October, 19 November, 17 December, 28 January, 18 February, 17 March

15 October Results Here

19 November Results Here

17 December Results Here

28 January Results Here

The route of the run will still go clockwise as per previous recent years, it is a 3 lap course and the total length is 4.8 miles. The route is here:

Timing will be recorded on a tablet computer and a race number must be worn for this to work. Once you have been issued with a number, please keep it for life for use at DAC time trials.

Runners will be set off individually at around 10 second intervals. In the event of wet weather we will do a mass start. First runners off at 6:30pm. Registration from 6pm.

If you have been issued with a number already at one of our summer time trial events this year please fetch this number.

If your name is on this list then you will be able find your race number. If your name is not on the list please Click here to register, you will collect this on the night and keep it for life please.

Numbers Previously Allocated (sorted by name) – if your name is on this list please do not register for another number – if you have lost your number just find it and make another please

Adam Cotterill239
Adrian Fearn389
Alan Thumbleby252
Alistair Collis212
Allan Carson280
Amanda Weston341
Amber Hawkes300
Amber Teasdale323
Amelia Wilk400
Amie Knott215
Andrew Teasdale322
Andy Breeze207
Angela Rylatt312
Angela Stanley711
Anthony O’Connor292
Barry Prowse222
Beverley Radford242
Bill Topping117
Bridget Bouttell158
Caroline Bond716
Caroline Temperton316
Cayden Prowse704
Cheryl Price362
Chris Moran718
Chris Ward348
Christina Mallender257
Claire Angus243
Claire Beegan231
Claire Macleod247
Claire Sayles216
Craig Burton241
Daniel Hart376
Daniel Reeve708
Danny Powell284
Darren Smith705
Darren Whyman202
Darren Wood233
Dave Moores293
David Smith258
Dawn Fletcher162
Dawn Goodings225
Dawn Wilkinson337
Daz Lambert245
Debbie Williams254
Debs Thompson317
Denise Schade236
Denny Jones264
Diane McKirdy270
Diane Polwin282
Eddie Fletcher163
Elaine Green314
Elena Sarah329
Emily Hallam373
Emma Butterfield227
Emma Cowley382
Eve Horseman321
Fiona Gibbitus294
Fiona Munro271
Gary Brown211
George Laing289
George Phillips714
George Rowland710
Gill Hempstock327
Gill Pick291
Gill Skill344
Glynn Jones276
Hannah Bond399
Ian Mac364
Ian Malkin374
Isobel Jenkinson260
Jack Waugh383
Jackie Hutchinson394
Jacob Clark707
James Devaney372
Jane Purchase313
Janet Hampson320
Janet Powell263
Jannette Walters253
Jayne Beresford299
Jayne Hotterwell343
Jayne Pownall340
Jeanette Scandrett332
Jill Staves267
Jim McDonnah324
Jo Goodall722
Joanne Reynolds366
Jody Breeze213
Joe Wade361
John Atkins379
John Sheerin295
Jonathan Bird298
Jonathan Frary388
Joshua Latham712
Julie Cull226
Julie Kealey334
Karen Lewchenko246
Kate Ball203
Kay Bornw370
Kayleigh Coddington-Bishop333
Keith Bell290
Kevin Newman346
Kevin Waugh315
Kian Brown713
Kirsty Laing228
Kris Calvert368
Laura Ashton229
Laura Emmerson721
Laura Lewis378
Laura Mann251
Leanne Marriott352
Lesleyanne Mitchel377
Lewis Breeze359
Livi Cheesewright274
Louise Sheerin331
Lucy Crayston387
Lucy Hammond309
Luke Osbon319
Lynette Jenkins358
Lynn Olsen336
Lynne Webb261
Lynnette Temperton-Ball235
Malc Leggett351
Mandy Ashton390
Margaret Butler218
Maria Gollings296
Marie-Louise Taylor706
Mark Cawood328
Mark Kenworthy360
Mark Webster285
Martin Wilkinson723
Martyn Walter255
Matthew Fletcher281
Max Fox396
Max Jones357
Merv Christison269
Michael McBride350
Michael Reynolds310
Michelle Abell369
Michelle Guest230
Michelle L Ward224
Michelle Pitts223
Michelle Ward283
Mick Hair325
Mick Riley249
Mike Cullen210
Mo Rodwell356
Natalie Bone354
Natalie Hepinstall214
Natalie Palmer353
Neil Hambleton288
Nick Newman391
Nick Ryall339
Nita Evans238
Pam Ryall371
Patrick Fox375
Paul Bond365
Paul Johnson326
Paul Schofield355
Paula Cheesewright272
Pete Wade275
Peter Badger347
Peter Butler219
Peter Oliver349
Peter Poppy381
Preston Clark715
Rae McGuire345
Rebecca Coates206
Richard Chandler395
Richard Hoggard392
Rose James287
Sally Hayes720
Sam Carson204
Sam Prowse221
Samantha Hill318
Samantha Perkins286
Sandra Meakin256
Sarah Bennett308
Sarah Frame266
Sarah Munday717
Sarah Ogg398
Sarah Smith262
Sharon Carson279
Sharon Heath311
Shaynie Coddington342
Shaz Wood265
Sian Randall384
Simon Clark380
Simon Parkin367
Simon Wright397
Sophie Beevers259
Sophie Troth719
Stephen Stewardson393
Steve Fox386
Stuart Bartley201
Stuart Beeby278
Stuart Lindsay232
Susan Beeby277
Susan Forbes240
Tammy Cullen209
Thomas Reeve709
Tom Chisholm205
Toria Hall335
Tracey Bark250
Tracey Christison268
Tracey Land385
Tracie Wayman234
Tracy Miller208
Trevor Blake217
Vic Hassall244
Vicky Keverne363
Vicky Lindley237
Wayne Brett248
Wayne Cheesewright273
Wayne Coddington338
Wayne Ingram330
Winifred Costello220
Yvonne Gibbon297

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