Training plans

These are all low mileage plans, if you want to increase the mileage then modify as you see fit but don’t burn out, you must make it to the start!  I have not written in any doubling up runs, 2 runs in one day.  Occasionally you may get the urge to do so, if so I would run the second as a slow recovery run.  If you feel an injury coming on seek advise and drop the harder runs for a few days, take care of yourself.  We are all different, and overtime more changes occur to you, the plans are a guide so if you wish to change something then do.  But don’t be tempted to run fast all the time, enjoy the steady runs and get to the start line full of energy.

Run with others when you can, so make the plan fit in to club run nights.  Do parkrun!  Not always hard.  Race often to get race fit but be sensible.

Do Cross Country races in your county championships and leagues, these will bring you on no end!

Trust in your ability and judgement, be confident and don’t be afraid to adjust your goals.

3:30 Marathon

3:15 Marathon

2:59 Marathon

2:45 Marathon

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